The International Shakespeare Center (ISC) is dedicated to making Santa Fe a destination for world-class Shakespeare. We produce and support performances, provide education for people of all ages, and create opportunities for people to meet in community to read and discuss Shakespeare. In the summer of 2019, she directed, designed and composed music for the ISC’s production of King Henry IV, Part I, in a production focused on ensemble and physical storytelling. She also works as the co-director of the Youth Shakespeare Festival Santa Fe, now in its fourth year.

DUCDAME ENSEMBLE (Founding Member & Director 2015-2016)

Founded by graduates of the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art, Ducdame Ensemble is committed to impassioned, relevant, and spirited storytelling where the play is always the thing. In August of 2016, Ariana worked as a producer, director and actor for the repertory season of International Shakespeare Center Santa Fe (ISC) in collaboration with Ducdame Ensemble. She directed an immersive Twelfth Night in Meow Wolf's award-winning House of Eternal Return, the first play to be performed in that unique space. In February of 2016, she adapted and directed an original production for the first collaboration between Ducdame Ensemble and the ISC, Dames of Thrones: The Women of Shakespeare's Histories, focusing on the female perspective in Shakespeare's history plays. She directed the inaugural production of Ducdame Ensemble, a revival production of Lope de Vega’s, Fuente Ovejuna, which garnered a "Best Bet" of the NYC Fringe and an Overall Excellence Award for Best Directing.

UPSTART CROWS OF SANTA FE (Guest Director & Visiting Artist 2016-Present)

The Upstart Crows of Santa Fe is a program based on the practices and philosophies of the Young Shakespeare Players of Madison, WI (please see below). Ariana has led group and special rehearsals on textual analysis, staging, characterization, and taught movement work including ensemble building, stage combat, Elizabethan dance, and Viewpoints. She also worked as a guest director on two self-devised productions for the Upstart Crows: And now for something completely different: Scenes from Shakespeare and Monty Python and We few, we happy few: Scenes from Shakespeare’s History Plays.

YOUNG SHAKESPEARE PLAYERS (Lead Director 2011-2013)

The Young Shakespeare Players (YSP) is a program that produces uncut Shakespeare plays with actors aged 6-18 with an emphasis on textual ownership. Ariana started directing with YSP when she was 15. Early directing projects with the YSP include: Othello, Macbeth, The Winter's Tale, King Lear, As You Like It, King Henry IV Part I, King Henry IV Part II, G. B. Shaw's Don Juan in Hell, G. B. Shaw's Caesar and Cleopatra, Sid Caesar Comedy Workshop, David Edgar’s 9-hour adaptation of Charles Dickens' Nicholas Nickleby, and an original 10-hour adaptation of Our Mutual Friend.


Ariana has taught workshops and completed residencies across the US on Shakespeare, textual analysis, Laban movement work, character and ensemble building, text and movement, Shakespeare and gender, Elizabethan Dance, improvisation, status, voice and vocal technique, and music.

Promotional Video for Dames of Thrones: The Women of Shakespeare’s Histories.