Ariana has been playing cello since the age of five and has a passion for incorporating original music into live theatre. Below are some of her compositions. All vocals and cello are performed by Ariana unless otherwise noted. Ariana is also the cellist of progressive folk rock band Satin Nickel. Their inaugural music video was released in August 2019.

Photo by Sam Aneson

Photo by Sam Aneson

Miscellaneous Music

"Just Keep Running" from the upcoming album "Shadow of Doubt" Director of Photography: Nick Snow Directed by Nick Snow and Samantha Aneson Featuring John Paul Harkins, Genevieve Thompson, Morgan Hollingsworth, Nikola Balać, Samantha Aneson, Andrew Shewaga, Ariana Karp, Reina Rouzaud, Siever OConnor Aoki, Michael Corbett, Jose Valenzuela, and Adam Schroeder WARNING: This video contains violent content.
Father Parry Karp and daughter Ariana Karp play Two Cello Duos, composed for Parry Karp in 1966 by Sol B. Cohen, during the 35th annual Karp Family Labor Day Concert at the University of Wisconsin School of Music on Sept. 5, 2011. The duets are "At Twilight: Andante" and "At Sunrise: Allegretto."

Selected Music composed for MA thesis project at LAMDA

Theme for Tabling: The Podcast 

Theme for International Shakespeare Center films

Music Composed for Theatre Productions

King Henry IV, Part 1, selected music, directed by Ariana Karp

King Lear, selected music, directed by Caryl Farkas

The Enchantment, selected music, directed by Lucy Atkinson

Twelfth Night, selected music, directed by Ariana Karp